NeGOSE, Network for Green Office Standardization in the EU, co-financed by the European Union, Leonardo da Vinci project was launched on the first of January. The main goal of the NeGOSE is to develop the standardized Green Office guidelines and to introduce the Green Office training packages equipped with an office Ecological Footprint Calculator. This way, the project members aim to contribute to the environmental and human friendly offices’ transformation. The final standards will be tested during the Green Office Competition in which all the 6 partner countries will participate (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary). The standards will be based on the Hungarian Green Office Program developed by KÖVET.

Professional partners

The main goal of the project is to develop a standardized Green office guideline and office ecological footprint calculator in the EU. The project contributes to environmental and human friendly way of transformation of offices and enhances skill and knowledge development of employees. There is a need to provide complex, innovative training for office managers. Training that not only transfers information, but also motivate employees to actions.
  • to create adaptable Green office trainings (training modules), based on extensive needs analysis;
  • the innovation will not only target end users (i.e. employees), but also the development of VET professionals using the newly developed trainings;
  • to create an interactive, standardized European version of an Office ecological footprint calculator.
Role in the project:
Eco-Trend has actively participated in the development of the project proposal, is the leader of WP7 (Exploitation of results).
The main responsibilities of the Romanian partner are:
  • adapting and translating training materials and web page in Romanian,
  • dissemination of project activities and results at the national level,
  • promotion of best practices,
  • organization of training courses and participating in international “Trainers workshop” for the target group in Romania, and
  • providing vocational trainers to establish 10-15 green offices throughout the country

Eco Trend participate in initial research and training material development process.

Eco Trend will contribute:
  • To web site content development and update in Romanian.
  • Organize press conference in Romania.
  • Prepare stakeholder list for Romania.
  • Contribute to creation and sending of press releases.