Sustainable transition(s) (covering social, economic, political, and educational dimensions) is a world-wide challenge. Since this transition concerns all dimension of our modern life, the answer to these challenges should be holistic and global. It’s crucial “to understand” before “acting”, that’s… Continue Reading…

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TAKE IT step framework

List of infographics   infographic 1 TAKE IT STEP FRAMEWORK infographic 2 TAKE IT STEP 0: Creating a common basis infographic 3 TAKE IT STEP 1: Getting started on climate change adaptation infographic 4 TAKE IT STEP 2: Mapping goals… Continue Reading…

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The objectives of the TAKE IT project

TAKE IT is an Erasmus+ KA2 project and it officially started in September 2019, with a duration of three years. The objectives of the project are the following: • Develop a culture of change and sustainability, creating the background for… Continue Reading…

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Take it project

Real-world education to boost climate change adaptation We all share the same planet and will share the same climate future! Climate change needs behaviour change! Speaking at a high-level event organised jointly by UNESCO and UNFCCC, Sławomir Mazurek, Deputy Minister… Continue Reading…

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The partners of the EU Leonardo Da Vinci funded European Green Office Network, in collaboration with the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) invite you to participate to the final event of our project. Registration: The European Green Office Awards… Continue Reading…

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Green Office 2014

Asociaţia Eco-Trend Egyesület is launching  the Programme Green Office 2014. Subscribe to our programme and find out easy ways to set up a green office, recycle products, telecommute, use sustainable office products, and convince the boss to go green. Going… Continue Reading…

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Office Ecological Footprint Calculator

The Eco-Trend Association is participating as partner in the Leonardo da Vinci project named NeGOSE, Network for Green Office Standardization in the EU – financed by EU, which aims to develop standards of European green offices, training material and office… Continue Reading…

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Green Office

EGO – European Green Office – September 2011

EGO – European Green Office September 2011 The 2nd project partners meeting was held in Romania, Targu Mures on the 5th-7th of September 2011. Among all other important discussions and decisions made, the NeGOSE project (Network for Green Office Standardisation… Continue Reading…

Green Office

Green Office trainings in 6 EU countries

Green Office trainings in 6 EU countries October 2012 To start with the Green Office Programme in your organisation it is recommended to participate in our 2 days interactive training sessions. You’ll learn how to start your Green Office Programme… Continue Reading…