SUSTAINABLE partners noticed that changing our ways of producing and consuming is notoriously difficult, but believing that education is a powerful tool in empowering individual and groups, boosting voluntary action and helping people and organisations through the transition so they understand and enhance sustainability in Everyday life.


The following Intellectual Outputs will be developed:


IO1 – LET’S UNDERSTAND: a guide on sustainable topics education including climate change, theoretical background and more (addressed to trainers/teachers/counsellors…)


IO2 – LET’S PLAN IT: guide step by step to make training green addressed to trainers/teachers/counsellors to improve awareness about green topics by trainers starting from their personal life and going to their professional life. A quick and effective guide about good/bad habits/behaviours with effects on the environment in the training settings and in work areas, and how to design effective training contents to counter them.


IO3 – LET’S BE PRACTICAL: Curricula, tools, methods, and training materials on green topics to teach/train our target groups. The materials could be adapted to each national context according to the needs.


IO4 – E-education Hub addressed mainly to the trainers/teachers including the above IOs’ contents and more, to raise awareness and develop knowledge on different elements related with Sustainability and SDGs.