Sustainable project Newsletter

1st Newsletter

What do we aim for in Sustainable?

Sustainable transition(s) (covering social, economic, political and educational dimensions) is a world-wide challenge. Since this transition concerns all dimension of our modern life, the answer to these challenges should be holistic and global. It’s crucial “to understand” before “acting”, that’s why we think that sustainable transition(s) is also a question of education.

Education contributes to the development of a culture of change and sustainability, creating the background for effective sustainable transition actions. A human rights-based approach to adult learning and education (ALE) aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of our aims.

Erasmus+ SUSTAINABLE project partners, noticed that changing ways of producing and consuming goods and services to increase sustainability is difficult, but that education is a powerful tool in empowering individuals and groups to make changes. The partners from 8 countries want to explore how education can be used to assist voluntary action and help people and organisations through the transition to understand and enhance sustainability in Everyday life.