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TAKE IT – Climate change needs behaviour change

TAKE IT – Real-world education to boost climate change adaptation


Climate change needs behaviour change


TAKE IT is a project cofounded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the project aims to empower individual, to boost voluntary action and help people through the transition so they understand climate change, and take appropriate adaptation action. Develop a culture of change and sustainability, creating the background for effective climate change education to boost behavioural change and better adaptation to our changing world, upskill the educators with science and social-based competences that has the required impacts in how they can empower individuals and drive appropriate climate adaptation action are the main operational aims of the project.

10 Partners from 9 countries want to explore how education can be used to assist voluntary action and help people and organisations through the transition to understand and enhance climate change in everyday life. The project will run during 36 months, from 1 September 2019 untill 31 August 2022.

Here you can find and download the first newsletter of the TAKE IT project TAKEIT_Newsletter #1 .