Take it

Take It – Piloting

The Eco-Trend Association has held the Piloting on three consecutive days 29,30 and 31 of March 2022, for teachers, students and other citizens on each occasion. The first and the last ones where held at Sapientia University for its students and teachers but it was an open event for everyone.


In the first event we were focusing on educators and in the last one mostly on students. The second event was held at our office and it was also a mixture of Educators and citizens.


For the reason that all events were a mixture of students, teachers and other citizens, we prepared just a single list for signatures. At the end we had more than 50 participants in total at the three events, but our preprinted list was numbered only until 43.


The Pilotings held for the Sapientia University’s teachers and students were held in several computer labs at the same time or one after the other. We asked the participants to take the quizzes on the Take It project website and resolve them, meanwhile we invited them to take part in an interactive discussion on climate change issues.


We have tried to take them through the whole Take It materials, but we have focused mostly on the Massive Open Course part 2 – Adapting to climate change, and from here:

Module 6: Food consumption and

Module 8: Sustainable tourism


We have chosen Sapientia University as principal partner because we have held several dissemination activities in this institute. They are very open-minded about the activities and we are always welcomed by them. We believe that young intellectuals are a very important target audience for this project.


The feedback was very positive. We also discovered some mistakes and translation problems in the MOOC which we reported to the partners in charge and they corrected them.


At the end, we asked the participants to summarize in a few words their observations and to share some useful and new information that they had gained during this time and that they will use in their everyday life.

Many useful and important things were said at the end, and all in all, these events have been very useful.