Take it

The objectives of the TAKE IT project

TAKE IT is an Erasmus+ KA2 project and it officially started in September 2019, with a duration of three years.

The objectives of the project are the following:

• Develop a culture of change and sustainability, creating the background for effective climate change education to boost behavioral change and better adaptation to our changing world,
• Up-skill the educators with science and social-based competences that has the required impacts in how they can empower individuals and drive appropriate climate adaptation action,
• Empower individuals with personally relevant and meaningful information, focused on achievable behavioral changes and appropriate climate adaptation action,
• Provide a set of innovative and cutting-edge training resources, available in digital and open media, to empower educators and individuals,
• Boost European dimension and cooperation, through the participation of nine countries representing various regions who are experiencing climate change´s impacts and organizations of two transnational experience exchanges with educational peers,
• Engage associated partners, experts and key stakeholders in development, validation, dissemination and mainstreaming actions, through the local working groups and multiplier events.